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Entry #3

Chiptunes and stuff

2011-12-22 17:28:07 by Reanu-Keeves

Check out my new chiptune album of remixes.

Darn That Dream
I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire
I'll Be Around
Chipmas Time Is Here

Short Thing is a short chiptune EP of covers. I had the idea of remaking old jazz tunes after listening to "Kind Of Bloop" and wanted to try my hand at it. I got the idea to add vocals ran through bitspeek to make it more interesting. I used Famitracker for all the sounds, and arranged everything in Ableton Live 8

Chiptunes and stuff


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2011-12-22 17:36:22

But i wsnt to download them! Please!?

Reanu-Keeves responds:

it's not letting you download them?


2011-12-23 09:40:16

Not sure if i just didn't see the download option (possible) or you changed something, but i have downloaded it now. Thanks, and have a good christmas!